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Say goodbye to long waits and lunchtime indecision. Postmates Daily Specials are fast, affordable and delicious.

We’re bringing you $10 lunches in minutes from the best spots in the city, every day this week. Available Monday-Friday from 12-2pm in Manhattan and 11:30-1:30 in LA.

Check out our best lineup yet:

New York City
Monday - Turkey Sandwich from Grey Dog
Tuesday - Wild Rice Bowl from sweetgreen
Wednesday - Pulled Pork Banh Mi from Num Pang
Thursday - Brisket Tacos from Tres Carnes
Friday - Chicken Sandwich from Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Los Angeles
Monday - Thanksgiving Sandwich from Simplethings
Tuesday - Pure Marinated Kale Salad from Cafe Gratitude
Wednesday - Turkey & Brie Sandwich from Magnolia
Thursday - Short Rib Burrito from Kogi BBQ
Friday - Chicken & Waffles from Roscoe’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I order a Daily Special?
Open the app Monday-Friday between 11:30a-1:30pm in LA, or 12:00-2:00pm in Manhattan, and find the day’s special featured on the home screen.
How does lunch arrive so quickly?
We purchase the lunches ahead of time, so as soon as you order, a Postmate will come straight to your doorstep with the goods.
Can I order multiple lunches?
Absolutely. Get lunch for a friend or a coworker. You can request up to four meals per order.
Is there a delivery fee?
Yes, delivery is a flat $2.
Can I tip my Postmate?
Of course, though it’s completely optional.

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As far as we’re concerned, summer ain’t over yet. That’s why Postmates is delivering FREE Frozen Yogurt On-Demand in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Philly, LA, DC, East Bay & South Bay, now thru Saturday at 10pm.

Simply find the Free Frozen Yogurt On-Demand store in the app, add your free cup of froyo* (limit 2 per customer) and checkout. You pay for the $5 delivery, we’ll cover the froyo - it’s as cool as that.

One more thing. We just launched in Miami and San Diego! Be sure to use Invite Friends in the app to earn delivery credit.

*small cup of chocolate, vanilla or tart & your choice of toppings; we’ll pick up from the nearest froyo joint for delivery in minutes (Fri 2-10pm & Sat 12-10pm)

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With the arrival of Postmates in Miami and San Diego, we’re bringing the speediest, 24/7, on-demand delivery service to palm tree paradise. This means late night eats from Versailles delivered in the 305, and Lucha Libre at the touch of a button for San Diego’s taco fanatics.

To celebrate our launches, we’re delivery FREE Cafecito On-Demand in Miami (Friday 1-4pm; Sat & Sun 10am-4pm) and FREE California Burritos On-Demand in San Diego (Friday 11am-8pm). For both promotions, simply open the app, find the special offer* on the home screen, add your free item and checkout! 

For everyone else, be sure to share your referral code with friends on both coasts! 

*limit 1 per customer, no substitutions please

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Postmates’ vision has always been to power local on-demand logistics, and in turn, to fundamentally change the way food and other local goods move around a city. Today our friends at Everlane announced a month-long beta program called Everlane Now, which allows customers in San Francisco to request on-demand delivery of select inventory from the online retailer’s Fall line in under an hour. These deliveries, of course, are powered by Postmates!

Postmates currently operates the largest on-demand delivery fleet of its kind, and the partnership unveiled today is a great example of how our community of riders and drivers can be used to deliver goods beyond the scope of food. For the first time, Everlane customers can get items hand-delivered in under an hour for the same cost as standard shipping. While we have always been able to pickup and deliver retail items, we’re excited to partner with like-minded brands such as Everlane, making our customers’ favorite items available at the touch of a button, for delivery in minutes. Stay tuned for similar partnerships to come!

How it works:
For the month of September, San Francisco customers can shop the Everlane Now* site Monday through Friday from 9am - 6pm for within-the-hour delivery. Once you’ve selected your items, simply choose 1-hour delivery at checkout and a Postmate will bring the goods straight to your doorstep (or office) in minutes. Retail therapy has never been so easy.

So get shopping and let us know what you think!

*Available styles include T-shirts and the Reverse Denim bag collection, as well as the upcoming Trench Coat, Bomber, and Luxe Wool collection. New items will be added each week.

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Newsflash: Daily Specials are back for the second week in a row. Need a refresher? We’re bringing you lunches in minutes from the best spots in the city, every day this week.

Simply find the day’s deal featured in the app starting at noon, add your lunch and checkout. Get food, delivery and Postmates’ brand new packaging all for only $12! Available Monday-Friday from 12-2pm in NYC & LA, and 11:30am-1:30pm in Chicago.

Check out the menu for this week:

New York City:
Monday - Santa Fe Salad from Chop’t
Tuesday - Cuban Sandwich & Grilled Corn from Cafe Habana
Wednesday - September Salad from sweetgreen
Thursday - BBQ Brisket Sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s
Friday - Dan Dan Noodles from Han Dynasty

Monday - Kale Caesar Salad from Lyfe Kitchen
Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pie from Bang Bang
Wednesday - The Wreck Sandwich from Potbelly
Thursday - Corned Beef Sandwich from Moon’s Sandwich Shop
Friday - Hen House Banh Mi from Saigon Sister

Monday - Chipotle Chicken Salad from Tender Greens
Tuesday - Cuban Sandwich from Hugo’s
Wednesday - Primavera Wrap from California Chicken Cafe
Thursday - Herb Chicken Sandwich from Lemonade
Friday - Pastrami on Rye from Canter’s Deli

Say goodbye to long waits and lunchtime indecision. Postmates Daily Specials are fast, affordable and delicious. Dig in!

*Limit 3 lunch specials per order

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We’ve teamed up with Philly’s beloved Federal Donuts to bring you FREE Donuts On-Demand, Thursday and Friday, starting at 10am both days. That’s right, free donuts and free delivery, while supplies last.

Here’s how it works:
1. Find the Free Federal Donuts On-Demand store in the app at 10am
2. Add your free assorted fancy donut 4-pack (one per customer)
3. Checkout & get these cult favorite sweets delivered in minutes!

The awesome team at Federal Donuts has prepared a limited number of donuts just for Postmates customers. They will sell out quickly, so give ‘em / get ‘em while they last.

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Introducing Postmates Daily Specials: lunch at lightning speed for an unbeatable price. We’ve partnered with top restaurants in NYC, Chicago and LA to bring you one awesome item each day this week for $12. Just like the promotions you love. But every day.

The best part? Our Postmates pick up your lunch ahead of time, so they can come straight to you. This means delivery in minutes! Just find the day’s deal featured in the app, add your item and checkout. Food, delivery and Postmates’ brand new packaging - all for $12!

Here are the menus for this week, available Tuesday-Friday from 12-2pm local:

New York City
Tuesday - Kale Caesar Salad from sweetgreen
Wednesday - Pastrami Sandwich from Katz’s Deli
Thursday - Maine Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster
Friday - Chicken Wings from Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Tuesday - Club Sandwich from Hannah’s Bretzel
Wednesday - Goat Cheese Sandwich from Birchwood Kitchen
Thursday - Empanada Trio from 5411 Empanadas
Friday - Personal Pizza from Lou Malnati’s

Los Angeles
Tuesday - Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Urth Caffe
Wednesday - California Wrap from Blue Plate
Thursday - Godmother Sandwich from Bay Cities
Friday - Sushi Lunch Special from Izaka-ya

We want to hear from you! Tweet @Postmates to recommend the next restaurant. If you love Daily Specials, we’ll keep ‘em going. Interested in working with us? Send a note to

Ps. We’re kicking off Daily Specials in LA, NYC and Chicago, but stay tuned for more cities very soon.

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Tucked away in every remote mountain, lake or beach town is a quaint, cozy general store. The place where you drop by on vacation to pick up the day’s necessities. So just in time for this long weekend of leisure, we’re bringing the general store to you.

It’s the Postmates General Store: a one-stop-shop for everyday essentials and weekend provisions, delivered on-demand. And delivery is FREE thru Monday at midnight.

From advil to toothpaste and candy to condoms, we’ve got it all. Order ping pong balls for that last minute beer pong game, or sunscreen and magazines to bring to the beach. Simply open the app 24/7 and place your order from the General Store.

Have a great weekend! That’s all folks.

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To say that Chris Zuccaro is a humble guy would be the understatement of the century. He’s one of those people who casually tells you about some of the things he’s done throughout his life, and you immediately feel boring and unaccomplished. But you can’t blame him or feel bitter, because he’s such a nice, thoughtful guy.

What’s so special about Chris, you ask? The short answer is he’s done a lot of cool stuff; the long answer follows. A classical guitarist who also plays the piano, Chris has been a budding musician since the age of 5. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he went on to NYU to study music at Tisch School of the Arts. Upon graduation, he opened up a music school, and happily taught guitar while practicing martial arts on the side. But we’re not talking basic self defense; Chris is a trained Muay Thai fighter, so he’s traveled the world competing in this highly specialized form of kickboxing, which is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. Muay Thai requires a great deal of physical and mental strength, but Chris, always eager for a challenge, enjoys this level of competition.

So it also shouldn’t shock you that Chris has run multiple marathons and even completed an ironman triathlon. It was during this time that he realized how much he loved being on his bike, and the freedom that riding all over the city afforded him. In fact, Chris will tell you he’s probably taken the subway 3 times in the past 5 years. But long before he became a Postmate, Chris made a very different career move.

Three years into his music school venture, a friend convinced Chris to enter the world of Finance. Why not, thought Chris - who rarely said no to a challenge - and he spent the next 15 years as a trader on Wall Street. Always the budding student, he simultaneously earned a masters in finance by taking classes as night (but still working full-time, of course). Chris was quite successful in the field, ultimately managing a trading desk, but in the end, he knew finance wasn’t his real passion.

So it was back to NYU again for Chris - this time with his eyes on a PhD. He’s currently finishing up a dual PhD in Middle East Anthropology & History. It’s always been a dream of Chris’ to pursue an academic career in History, so now he’s making it a reality. He’ll tell you it’s the most challenging of his pursuits so far, but don’t be fooled - he’s still doing 10 other things at once. When he’s not working on his dissertation or teaching Muay Thai, Chris rides for Postmates. He loves being outside on his fixie, plus he can work any hours he wants. For a student, this flexibility is unmatched. A Postmate since March, Chris has completed over 400 deliveries across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

What keeps you motivated as a Postmate, we asked him. “Postmates is really no different than any other job I’ve had,” he said. “Whether I’m running a trading desk, or riding for Postmates, I take every job just as seriously….It’s all about goals - right now, the job is all about making customers super happy. Ideally I’ll get to 1000 deliveries and every single customer would experience the same great service.”

Seriously, we didn’t pay him to say that. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Zuccaro. Just plain awesome. One more thing, Chris. Do you sleep? “Not really,” he shrugged.

photo credit: Dominic Perri

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Waited till the last minute to buy your tickets to DC’s premier hip hop and electronic music festival? You’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Trillectro to offer 20% off festival passes!

Just enter code PSTMTE at checkout, and the discount will be automatically applied. If you were on the fence about the festival, we’re giving you one more reason to go (in addition to Big Sean headlining, of course). Plus, stop by the Postmates tent and meet some of the team.

Enjoy the weekend!