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We’re Growing Fast. 150K Miles Fast.

2012 was an amazing and busy year for us because you kept loving and using Get It Now. We launched just seven months ago here in San Francisco but our Postmates already travelled over 150,000 miles last year - that’s almost 6 times around the earth!

But, 2012 was only the start. Here is what to expect in 2013:

The best experience

Here is a promise, we will keep pushing what’s possible throughout the new year. We will continue to ramp up our supply, we will continue to provide the best tools for our couriers and we will work even harder to reduce our delivery times. The current average delivery time is 39 minutes - Let’s compare it in 2014!

More cities

We love it here in SF, but we feel the time is right to take the Get It Now experience to other cities, as well. To accomplish this, we’re hiring General Managers in our upcoming launch cities! Sounds like a great opportunity for you? Apply.

Android support

Our most requested feature in 2012 was to add Android support. It’s true that we’ve neglected other devices. We believe that at the time, it was right to concentrate on a single platform. This allowed us to test features and implement changes without worrying about an additional port. However this year, we’re looking for great people to join us in launching an Android version.

Finally, here is to the many mistakes and things we got wrong in 2012! We delivered the wrong items, didn’t respond fast enough to feedback and neglected important bugs. While we cannot promise these things won’t happen again in 2013, we’ve tried to learn from our mistakes and taken necessary steps to improve. We’re using tools like Asana and Uservoice (thanks guys), and we’ve built our own communications to get faster in replying to your feedback.

If you were affected by our mistakes in 2012 - we hope you’ll give us another try in 2013! Better yet, tweet and tell us how we can improve (@Postmates).

With an agenda like this, we will be busy. Join us in 2013 and help us be even better!

Thank you,


We’re hiring:

City General Managers in Seattle & New York (Business)

Launch Team Member (Growth)

Director of Growth & Strategy (Growth)

Product Designer (Creative)

Android Engineer (Engineering)

Generalist Engineer (Engineering)

iOS Engineer (Engineering)

Didn’t see what you wanted? Find more opportunities on our Jobs Page.

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